Kraken Heraldry

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Snafflehound, Jul 20, 2005.

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    While reading George R R Martin's website, searching for the next Song of Ice and Fire book release dae I found this image of the House Greyjoy kraken logo....

    looks like a giant cuttlefish?

    For those not in the know GRRM is a fantasy author and the Ice and Fire books are a series featuring knights and chivalry, more or less a War of The Roses type plot featuring feuding noble houses. This is the crest of a clan of piratical types living on a small island off the continent whence the main action takes place.

    Being a fantasy series, there are dragons, and also krakens, in the books...

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    Saints & Madmen

    That's a cool picture, I've never read any of his books, I think I'll give that one a look now.

    Have you read Jeff Vendermeer's City of Saints and Madmen? I've not read it yet, but I have a copy. It's set in a city called Ambergris, whose inhabitants worship Giant Squid. That's what I've been told, which is why I've got a copy. It's got some nice pictures in it too, such as this one:

    Drat! I can't work out how to insert the image. Anyway, here's a bit of the author talking about one of the sections of the books called 'King Squid'

    "The writing of "King Squid" was an entirely different experience from "The Cage." As with many things, Michael Moorcock is ultimately responsible for the story. In the introduction to the trade paperback edition of City of Saints, he had, tongue firmly in cheek, hinted that the author's fascination with squid was evidence of the cephalopodic origins of said author. The comment triggered the basic idea for "King Squid," and it flowed from there".

    More information about the book can be found here:
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    Song of Ice and Fire are great fantasy books, french translation traduced the Greyjoy logo by "seiche" ( french word for cuttlefish).

    for you're information this books will be adpated on tv show by HBO.

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