Juvenile Idiosepius pygmaeus


Pygmy Octopus
Hello everyone.

This weekend my sister was lucky enough to pick up a baby (~ .9cm) pygmy cuttlefish off the eastern Australian coastline. It's currently living in a tank with a few clown fish and a box fish, as we had not time to prepare for it's arrival - we just couldn't turn down the opportunity to care for such a glorious little creature!

I was just wondering if anyone here has had experience with this type of cuttlefish, I've done all the web research I can and I was hoping to hear some personal stories about keeping cuttlefish happy and heathy.

Thanks so much!


Sepia elegans
:welcome: to TONMO, Gloomer!!

Feed the little guy a supply of crabs and don't spook him or he may ink.

Also, there is a high risk of it attacking your clowns and boxfish. If it gets the boxfish, the BF wil probably secrete a venom through it's skin, killing your cuttle and clowns so get the cuttle a tank to itself as soon as possible!!

Good luck with the little guy!! :D


Pygmy Octopus
Oh, we're well aware of little boxy's toxins! Thanks for the reminder though, he's so cute it's easy to forget he's poisonous enough to kill everybody else in the tank.

Apparently he inked at one of the clowns when they were 'investigating' the new arrival, but they've all found their own space in the tank and he seems to be happy clinging to a pipe in the corner. Let's hope they stay out of each other's way until we can get him a new home.

I'll let you know how he goes with the crabs!

Thanks so much!


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You want plankton to feed these wee guys, they're less likely than some to take crabs




Pygmy Octopus
He went for a brine shrimp this morning, but he's so tiny we're not sure if he ate anything! He certainly seemed enthusiastic.

He's so tiny he hasn't got much of a chance with a crab but we'll try anything.

(*'he', until we find out otherwise!)


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I had about 20 that we collected at a light trap off Lizard Island last month. The females laid eggs and died. It took about 10 days for the eggs to hatch.



I was thinking that you could put him in a pet home in the tank for the time being, I'm afraid the clowns and the box could get him.

Best not to feed brine shrimp, apparently they can retard ceph growth, try small (1cm) ghost shrimp or really tiny crabs. Amphipods would do well too.

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