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Nov 26, 2012
Hey everyone! My name is Olyver, I'm 15, neutrois (using they/them pronouns) and from Tennessee. I've been interested in cephalopods for years, and I've been browsing this forum for quite some time so I figured I'd join! You probably won't hear too much from me, I'm a little shy but I'd be happy to contribute to this lovely website however I can!
My main goal is eventually getting a degree in marine biology and getting into work involving cephalopods. (Honestly, I'm not picky as to exactly WHAT I do, but cephalopod neurobiology sounds nice.) I was actually wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction of what classes I'd need to take. My local school board and such isn't very helpful, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask here.
I apologize if this was spastic, if you'd like to know me better feel free to PM me! I won't bite..hard. :smile:


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Jul 9, 2009
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:welcome: to TONMO!!

You've come to the right place. I'm currently in College with very similar goals as yourself, to work with cephs. My goal is Farm them for food, as well as the aquarium and research community. I started in Community College working towards my AA in Biology which I will have at the end of this month, it will have taken me exactly two years to get. I am then going to transfer my credits, a very common thing to do, to a state school. where i will work towards a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, this should take another two years. I am transferring to Florida Atlantic University, which is here in South Florida, They have a great marine Biology Program which is a part of the Harbor Branch Research Institute. Once i have my Bachelors in Marine Bio, I will apply to a graduate school, probably also at FAU/Harbor Branch, and i will try to get my masters degree focusing on Aquaculture, and eventually cephalopod aquaculture.

Classes to take are basically all your sciences and maths. To get your degree you will need to have at least finished math up until Calculus 2 and possible statistics.
Sciences you will need are and not limited too: Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physics with Calculus, Oceanography, Intro Marine Bio, anatomy, philosophy, and i suggest also Psychology, it was super interesting and it introduces neuroscience nicely. There are also two humanities classes you will need, three english classes. oh and 2 semester a foreign language. like Spanish 1 and 2. I did one semester of Latin which has helped me with all the Scientific names.

Tentacle Toast

Oct 8, 2012
Welcome to TONMO, Fishbones! :welcome: No need to be shy here...even if you don't have dissertations to contribute, the occasional quip or anecdote will do nicely (that's about all I ever muster:smile:). Or just ask questions! Sounds like you've set some good goals for yourself there; wish I had my head on that straight at 15! Good luck with your studies! I look forward to reading your published works in the future!

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