Just For Fun 2

heres another fossil identification challenge. these are some interesting fossils i found under a tree stump. they are likely glacial till, either from the Early Devonian or Silurian period strata to the north of Little Traverse Bay, Michigan. there are at least 3 gastropods and two cephalopods in this picture. can you point them out and/or identify them?




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E & F look like snails but I can't really see anything else clearly (except what looks like, but is not, a tiny squid in G :grin:)
ok, 5 replies, time for answers!

A is a mold of the gastropod Opthamocirrus
B is an unknown at best
C has two Platyceras gastropod molds in it
D is some kind of oncocerid cephalopod, possibly Phragmoceras
E is another Platyceras
F is some kind of whelk-like gastropod, Buchelia. i originally thought it was an ammonite.

underside of A. appears to contain additional Platystoma gastropod

E after some quick prep work. some shell is still present, but not much.


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