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Hello! I am new to this forum and to octopuses but I am thinking of getting one. I made a list of what I need and if you have any feedback, advice or recommendations that would be greatly appreciated. This is for a bimac.
So I am going to buy ROW water from my LFS because thats easier than filtering it all.
Synthetic Sea Salt
55 Gallon tank 3 months mature
swing arm hydrometer
fine sand 1" of it all over the floor
lots of hiding spots (food grade tubes, live rock)
protein skimmer
test kit
air pump
fluorescent light bulb 8-10 hours on every day
temperature measuring thing (sorry forgot the name lol)
*Update* I have to keep the things at: salinity: 1.023-1.026, pH: 8–8.4, Ammonia: 0, nitrite: 0, Copper: 0, nitrate


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:welcome: to TONMO. If you haven't already, make sure to read the ARTICLES section you can get to from the top of the page, there are some checklists to compare with to see.

I didn't see you mentioning octopus escape-proofing, that's a good thing to be thinking of as early as possible, since some equipment is much harder to octo-proof than others.

Many people find that a sump is very helpful, too.

I Like Pie

Ya I read all the articles and thanks for the warm welcome. Nice forum you got here. a lot of active, helpful members. I don't understand what a sump is. Can you please explain? Thanks. Oh ya and making it escape proof might be pretty easy. Thanks. Oh ya and so the ammonia should be less than 30 ppm?

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Hi, and welcome to TONMO.

Octo-proofing is never as easy as one may suspect. Being small, strong, slippery, and boneless makes for an easy getaway. Make sure and do it before you get your octopus.

Ammonia should be 0ppm once the tank has finished its cycle, as well as nitrite. Nitrates should stay under 20.

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Im sorry I don't know the units of measurement.Animal Lover said that nitrates should be kept below 20 so I thought its also measure in ppm. If you don't understand what it means than I mean that the nitrate level should stay below(

I Like Pie

Oh ok update time I think you guys didn't get my question.
Synthetic Sea Salt What manufacturer?
swing arm hydrometer What manufacturer?
fine sand 1" of it all over the floor What manufacturer?
protein skimmer What manufacturer and product and type (biological, mechanical or chemical)?
filters What filter(s) and manufacturer?
test kit What manufacturer?
air pump What manufacturer and product?
Thank you very much for your time.
Oh yes and what is carbon?
EDIT: I need a website that sells a bimac and ships to Canada (say my LFS doesn't have any octopuses). I mean what if I set up the whole tank and it matures and than I can't buy a bimac.

I Like Pie

Ok now I understand what a sump is for. It is sort of a filter and storage place. You keep live rock (algae removes some waste) then bio-balls and protein skimmer. It takes water out of the tank and put it back in the tank. I don't understand how it takes water out safely and puts it back in safely. Please help.


http://www.melevsreef.com/what_sump.html That IMO best explains evrything you need to know about a sump, how it works, and making your own. in short it diverts water from the main big tank(AKA display tank) to a lower area through piping that you put together and is run by valves and pumps and what have you. keeping Live rock the sump would be kinda pointless because it should be in your main tank where everyone can see it.

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