Jumbo Squid Flash, Flail in First Ever Squid-cam Video - National Geographic


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"When I saw blood flowing into the cooler in large amounts, I realized it wasn't going as planned," Gilly said.

That squid later disappeared with the Crittercam, providing no useful data on how squid hunt and live in oxygen-free depths—Gilly's next areas of study.

Come September, Gilly plans to outfit more jumbo squid with Crittercams—and maybe even find the one that got away.

"I'm feeling like Ahab to some extent," he quipped. "I gotta go get that sucker."


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hmmm, i'm not sure I like the viewpoint of the video. I thought that footage was amazing, but if shows like this are what is educating the public, then we're just going to have another mass murder like we did with sharks...

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