Is this toy ok?


So I just picked up an animal planet shark attack play set for my son. It came with a diver and shark cage that would look super cool in my Octo tank (I'm hoping it will play with it and look like a mini horror movie lol). It is all plastic and the diver is painted like most other action figures, will this cause a problem?


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We have no evidence that painted toys are dangerous so it is erroring on the side of caution that I keep away from anything that is painted. Plastics and glass have been used regularly and it is likely that the figurine is fine but our general advice is to consider baby safe items where putting something in the mouth is not going to be an issue for a human.

As an asside, removing and reintroducing "toys" rather than leaving them in a tank seems to produce more interaction (when they do take an interest, many don't).

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