Is a Octo or Cuttle right for me?


Oct 24, 2011
Hi all,

This is my first post and you guys have a great site. I really appreciate all the info. I have a octo/cuttle newb question and hoping I can get an answer. I have a 90 gallon LPS reef. Its mostly euphilia, acans, candy canes, ect. I have a Reef octopus 1000ss skimmer, smaller fuge, an MP40 and six bulb T5s. the tank has been up for almost 4 years and I have been keeping reefs for 5+ years.

The reef used to be an aggressive reef (lions ect) so I am used to messy eaters and the work load. I also have kept eels so I can manage a animal that tries to escape. I have always been fascinated by octos/cuttlefish and would love to keep one if it was appropriate for me. I have read up on the potential issues (short life span, difficult care, ability to escape) but I would enjoy that challenge. I just want to make sure that my system and my tank are appropriate before I go diving into this.



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Your system sounds fine. only concern would be what is currently in the tank. Octos and cuttles need to be kept in species only tanks. Some corals are OK but you want to stay away from ones that sting, as they could harm the octo or cuttle, although it less of an issue with cuttles. Octos will also bulldoze an corals that are not secured well. Clean up crews are great, we usually recommend, starfish, snails, hermits, Cucs and shrimp. the hermits and shrimps may become a snack.

as per which to keep that is up to you and which is better is a matter of opinion. IMO cuttles are much more expensive primarily because they require pretty expensive live food for the first stages of their life and until they can be weaned off live foods, and onto frozen.

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I am an octo keeper so my inclination would be to grab you for our "side of the fence" :biggrin2: but I think your tank is far better suited to cuttles. It is not just the relocation of corals octos cause but they climb on and over everything without concern (no side stepping because something is in their way) and only shy away if something stings them. Well attached, low sting polyps, muchrooms and rics seem to fair OK but I have had two octos try to dislodge a mushroom by wrapping an arm around it and pulling for all they were worth. The mushroom survives but the more delicate stoney corals likely won't. Cuttles, on the other hand, can live with most corals and don't disrupt the substrate so I will suggest some cuttle eye candy and send you to Thales' blog post on the broadclub. You will likely be keeping S. bandensis since we rarely see other species in the US but you can't help but love watching these guys.

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