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Larval Mass
I jest wanted to introduce my self. I was a pro diver for a long time and have extensive diving experience and some knowledge of marine life in the wild. I am currently land locked in Ohio although seriously considering a move to Maui. My current system is a 92 gallon corner that has been running as a fish and rock only tank for a year. I have recently changed to an asm g2 Skimmer with a 25 gallon 2ft diameter round sump with a flow at the head of 825 gph. I am lighting with 2 250 Watt metal halides in the the 1000 Kelvin range with 3 blue compacts in a custom fabricated pendant. Tank temp is 77 solid and I run ro water only.
I am considering cuttlefish and have read a bit but I am here to learn more and hopefully become a contributor.
Thanks for letting me play in your tide pool.


Larval Mass
Thanks for the warm welcome.
I will get some pics up soon of the 92. I think this setup can be done well due to its depth and viewing area as well as my own personal preference for round shapes vs 90 degree angles. I will post up when I have something worthy.
I have been to Willowick. At least you can look at Lake Erie and pretend it is the ocean. I worked at at a dive shop in Bedford 10 years ago. I never put a toe in the water there although I did do some wreck diving in Superior in 1995.
I am envious. I would love to live in NZ. I have a friend who is a motorcycle author that showed me photos of his trip where he rode every inch of pavement in your country. His name is Gary Eagan and at the time was riding for Ducati.

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