Interested in owning a cuttlefish...


Pygmy Octopus
Hello. I've posted here before, but I was low on cash back then. I have a job now and a decent paycheck, and I'm considering getting a cuttlefish.

What happened to Are there other sources?

How big of a tank will I need? How much will the supplies set me back for a single cuttlefish? I'm sure there's a starter thread around here somewhere, but I also wanted to ask about the site.

Please let me know. Thanks.


O. bimaculoides
Yeah octopets is gone. S. bandensis seem to be what most people here have now and they can be kept in a 30 gallon tank. If you go to articles and then ceph care there is more about cuttles.



Colossal Squid
My biggest expense is feeding the cuttles... right now it's running me about $40 every 7-10 days... in the beginning it was more... I am going to try weaning my cuttles to frozen krill, but I am not too confident that I will succeed.

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