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intelligence and problem solving skills


May 25, 2008
im looking for information on cephalopod intelligence. i know octopus have the ability to solve problems and use logic to work things out(for example trying to reach some food on the other side of the tank and it has to work out how to get it) but to what extent does this reach? and do cuttleifsh and squid have the same abilities or not? i know its a very general question but if anyone has any information of links to some articles or research into the matter id be very grateful



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Mar 8, 2004
The book Cephalopod Behavior by Hanlon and Messenger is a great starting point. Also, look for articles by Jennifer Mather. In general, cuttles and octos both show some interesting abilities, but squids have been much less studied because they're so hard to keep. Robyn Crook has shown some surprising levels of learning ability in Nautilus too.

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