Inklet Playing!!!


Colossal Squid
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:D I am happy to say I think Inklet may be following in Ink's tentacles!!!! I was sitting here browsing the internet and looked at his tank and he was up to no good. Trying to disconnect the strainer from the Eihim tube! So we got another one of those bubble gum containers and put a crab in it and he had it open within seconds. Now he's never had a crab in one of those before so obviously he's been trying to take things apart in his tank when I'm not around. I have noticed the powerhead to the protein skimmer is missing the side plate!!!

I need to go invest in one of those magnetic algae scrapers very badly!!!!

And tomorrow is Jess's Birthday!!! We spent the morning at Jenkinson's Aquarium for her birthday party!!!! Unfortunately they don't have an octopus, but a small fossil collection and plenty of creatures!!!


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Hi Carol,

I was wondering what Inklet was up to recently! Looks like he's making fun for himself!

By all means get one of those two-part magnet cleaners. Then he can remove it and it will make a big noise when the outside part falls, causing someone to come running. Won't be long before he figures out that he can summon you in this way. Ollie used it whenever she got bored and wanted to play, or if I was a bit late with her dinner! :)

And happy birthday, Jess!


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