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Im new to cephs.


Larval Mass
Sep 2, 2009
im new into the whole ceph. thing. ive done some research and found out some very interesting info on them. Ive been into saltwater aquariums for about and 1yr and a half now. mainly just reef tanks. But i would like to extend my hobby and get a tank going for an octopus.

I would like to see all the things you guys would reccomend for the tank besides a protien skimmer, and a good lid.

btw my lfs has a mimic for sale. whats you guys oppion on that. even though ide like to do some more research before purchasing one.:snorkel:


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO. In general, we don't encourage the purchase of Wunderpus and Mimics, since there's some suspicion among people who study them that the populations are being over-collected. See the "Exotics" forum for discussion of those species.

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