[Octopus]: i'm back in!


just got home from a LFS that I rememberd sometimes has octos in stock and I got lucky and found this little guy. I know the pics are awfull but he's in a cloudy bag and I just started floating him ill try and get some better ones during acclimation.
the girl at the store told me he would come out in the light to chase food and he moved to the other side of the tank in the light instead of going for cover when she removed him so I don't think he's nocturnal and he doesn't have the weird softserve icecream shaped head the most of the nocturnal dwarfs I've seen have, the only other clues they could give was that it's a pacific species.
pretty sure he's a male as the third arm to the right is allways curled at the tip, arms are fairly thin relative to the head and the two front arms look slightly shorter than the rest with
not much webbing to be seen as he sits in the pic he is no bigger than a half dollar. he seems to have no problem being out of the water inside the bag he climbs right to the top witch worries me a little because my previous aculeatus octos never stuck more than and arm out of the water but my covers are very secure, more pics to come


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My first impression is a dwarf species (arm shape, lack of webbing and eye proportion to mantle). How many rows of suckers does he have on his arms?

You won't likely have a true feel for its choice of hunting preference times for about a month. Often the first couple of weeks of being introduced to a tank show a different behavior than what you can expect after it has acclimated to aquarium life.

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