Ickaly's Arival and Journal


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He's here....The FedEx driver was fish friendly and kept him at the front of the truck with him. We opened and saw arms flailing out of the water. Started dripping with him in the bag, walked away for 2 minutes, came back and he was gone. Followed the water trail and finally found him in one of my bowls I use for my salt tank that happened to be on the floor. He was covered in hair. I picked him up and put him back in the container the bag was in and poured the bag water in with him and now we are dripping yet again. He was only out of the water for minutes, and of course I panicked, calmed down and once I followed his trail, thank G I found him. Just checked on him and he did try to blow my finger away from him. So far so good......

After having the pleasure to experience over 15 octopuses over the years in my home, today was definitely a first on lessons of what not to do.

Don't ever leave them dripping even for a minute unless you have them securely in their bag or container.

Don't populate their tank with crabs until you are sure they will eat those crabs. Trying to relocate 20 or so small crabs that keep pinching your new octopus while he is in freeze mode trying to figure out where he is, is pure torture not only to me but to Ickaly. First I had him in a large net away from the floor of the tank. When I realized these crabs are smarter than I am, I had to run out to purchase a critter keeper until I am sure all are removed.

His freeze mode is his arms raised in the air. Very strange. I'm not sure what he is though.


He is a hummelincki, excellent octopus species as a pet. Good luck and keep us up to date with him, where did you get him from?

EDIT: Forgot, you just said your ordered him from saltwaterfish.com. They must get this species in regularly, I got mine last week and they said there was no more of this species.


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Quite an entrance! Is going into the air the octopus equivalent of "making a splash"?


Colossal Squid
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Ya know I hope he did not injure himself as he scaled a large plastic pitcher, plopped to the seat of a folding chair, dove about 3 feet to the floor and the trail I followed, zigzagged about 5 times, where I thought he was behind the tank...under the bed...checked all shoes under the bed...noticed more trail emerging from the foot of the bed over towards a dresser in the corner where a plastic bowl was sitting full of dried salt from whatever I was doing with it, and once I removed all the misc. stuff from the bowl, there he was. I picked him up with my hand and he did not even bite. His legs look a little odd, like he does not have full control, but he is hiding in a shell and flashing and spiking so keeping fingers crossed.......


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If he is not Hummelincki I'll retire from making any attempts at id. That brown stripe that runs through the eye and makes almost an eye spot behind the eye and a stripe in front, along with the true ocelli seem to be telltale. Additionally, you should see a greenish brownish false eye marking on top of the eye socket (most of the time). I also noticed that the mantle opening has a frilly look and assume this is also a marking and not injury since both sides match.

Here are a couple of shots of one insitu :tongue:


and you can flip through Octane's journal to compare some of the in-tank looks (or just compare him/her to my avitar :wink: - the full sized version is on the link page and it shows most of the representative markings)


You are going to love this one!

PS 'Tane had a rough couple of weeks adjusting to how to hold onto the acrylic. The difficulty with determining proper suction may follow through with glass so you might watch for this. Octane would try to swim away or move around and "get stuck" but now has no problem with determining just the right amount of suction.

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