I want to raise Cuttlefish

Mr Acurite

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I have been really interested in cuttlefish for a long time, and i would really like to raise them.
I got a chance to do so last year, but my parents started saying "no" when they learned they needed live food.
Instead, i went with option 2, getting a turtle, but it needed waaay to much space (like 5 ft x 5 ft) so i started applying for option 3, mice, which my parents said would smell to much and my cat would want to eat them.
So, option 4 was cacti (yes, the plants). so i still have them, up in my room.
However, i would really like to get Cuttlefish, i would like to find a way to either convince my parents to let me or to learn enough before college to be able to do it.
I am willing to do just about anything to make this a reality, even if it means waiting.

The Short of this all: please teach me about Cuttlefish
(S. Bandensis)

Mr Acurite

Larval Mass
thank you all for your kind advice, and my mom said that as long as my grades stay good, and i acquire enough space (check), money (almost check) and experience or knowledge (kinda why im here) i could get them whenever i want.
sorry for not posting earlier, my comp f'ed up.

Mr Acurite

Larval Mass
i have found a reliable source (NY Aquatics, i live in NJ) for cuttle eggs, and i have all the apparatus and chemicals and stuff for the tank, now all i need are some tankmates (hopefully can clean) and the tank itself (30 gal)
any ideas for tankmates?


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cool, a few members have used them(NYaquatics) to get their eggs.

Snails, hermits, starfish make good mate/clean up crew.
shrimps are fun but they can end up being a snack.

a 30 gallon tank is fine for one cuttle, but larger is recommended for more than one:

From one of Richard Ross's(Thales) cuttlefish articles http://www.tonmo.com/cephcare/sepia-bandensis.php
A single Sepia bandensis can live well in a 30 gallon aquarium, and many of the 'all in one' aquariums on the market right can work very well as a cuttlefish tank. For two Sepia bandensis I don't recommend anything smaller than 40 gallons, 3 Sepia bandensis have done well in a 55, and I have kept groups of 8 in 125 gallons. Groups of Sepia bandensis can be kept together as long as they are kept fed and they have enough space. Without enough space or food, the cuttlefish will fight and possibly damage or eat each other.
another thing to to keep in mind is the food. Cuttles require lots or expensive live food for at least the first two weeks, and then until you can wean them onto frozen food.

i don't want to scare you with all this information I just want to make sure you are prepared to take on the task of keeping cuttles.


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You will need to cycle your tank once you get it set up so expect to start saving for hatchling food while you wait :grin:

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