I need a cephalopod


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I have the entire tank set-up for a small octopus, and everywhere i look(under couch cushions and such) I can't find a single reliable source of cephs. :sad: :mad: If anyone can give me a link or at least a few encouraginging words on continuing my pursuit, it would be appreciated.

PS: I'm located in South Florida.


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check out the "Octopus Availability" thread in Ceph Care. That's the place to watch or ask...

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dwhatley;98026 said:
It appears that Dana (Tavernier) has at least one available:


I don't know anything about this seller but I spotted this one on eBay listed in the wrong category:

Wow, I'm actually impressed with the care information they give on that second link. Beautiful specimen if the one in the pic is the one for sale.


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Animal Mother,
Yes, it was very tempting to inquire. The mislisting should keep the price down and I am pretty sure it is not Mercatoris and is one of their own pictures. I really would like to try a warm water daytime species next but the babies are doing so well in the only tank I have that is suitable for a medium size octopus, I probably will have to wait until next year (assuming my little guy continue to survive). At that point, if my little ones complete the life cycle, we will just have to commit to yet another tank :wink:

The eBay store for these people is impressive as are their other write ups and decent prices.

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