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Discussion in 'Cuttlefish Care' started by ccopelin, Nov 6, 2010.

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    After having my bimac for 7 months now im thinking cuttle. A little curiosity and a little planning ahead because my octo friend will be expiring soon. The thing is i have been bandensis hunting for like 2 months now and nothing! I would be happy with newly hatched or eggs. Someone help me. Also I have a very mature 45 gal. to devote to my baby (babies) and when i turn on the lights there are probly 5 or so mysid per square inch in this tank. Could a population of that number sustain a couple babies or would the mysids not keep up with their appetite?
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    I'm an octo keeper so I can't help with the food requirements but the best recommendation for locating eggs is to watch the Cuttlefish availability thread located at the top of the Sources for Cephalopods and Food forum. You can set your profile to email you your notifications and subscribe to the thread so that a post will result in an email. Only the first post will be emailed until you visit the thread but setting up the notice is especially helpful for monitoring availability.

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