Huron River, Michigan

this artificial canoeing course north of Ann Arbor, MI has proven to be a great collecting site. the breaker rocks appear to contain abundant stromatolites and ichnofossils, plus a few brachiopods and possibly stromatoporoid breccia and cephalopods. The rocks greatly resemble the Mid Devonian reef limestone further north, but theyre much harder and compacted, plus they bear styolites/shale layers and silica inclusions characteristic of the Detroit River Group. the nearby hillside is a good place to find glacial till fossils too.

Breaker Rocks and Embankment
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you mean Idiostromatiidae, right?:sly::sly:

ive found quite a few those, but they all have a round cross section. the thingys in photo 3 have a more trapezoidal-ovoid cross section and two dimensional profile, so im pretty sure theyre ichnos. the things in photo 2 look a lot more like the Idiostroma i find up north.

heres a chunk of Dendrostroma (a smaller, thinner relative of Idiostroma) i found in Petoskey for comparison:


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