Huge Reef Tank


Wow, I second that notion...lovely tank, Colin, sorry you have to let it go... :cry: :?:

I don't think I could even fit that into my apartment...nevermind the whole "across the Pond" issue...


Colossal Squid
Although the tank isnt based at my house I did build and stock it. It started off as a contract but then I became friends with the owner and I do actually own some of the stock.

problem is that gerry has gotten ill and the whole thing needs to go. I will be aiming to keep the glass for myself though as there are plans for us to move house in the not too distant future.

So i am helping to sell the whole lot... already had an email for the conspic angel :)


Colossal Squid
yes it is, and thats because TMC is trade and dont sell direct to the public only to shops, zoos etc.

So to buy this from a shop would cost in the region of £1500 - £2000 depending on what mark up the shop uses. Most shops after adding VAT double or even treble prices to get the retail value.

So although the two of us are lucky in that we can buy most stuff we need at trade prices most people cant. I am trying to make back as much money as i can for a friend and still losing money on the conspic angel.

At £1200 there is room for someone to knock the price down a bit too. I'd settle for £1100 :)

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