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Hey yall,

I am soon to go off to Vietnam for my first real job. (very excited) I want to start another Octopus tank while I am there. Does Vietnam offer opportunities to buy and keep 'em? Is there a specific subforum for different areas of the world?


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:welcome: - we don't have sub-forums for different regions of the world - but I think we might have some folks here who can help. Good luck!


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Welcome to TONMO! I don't know anything about cephs in Vietnam but would make conjecture that you will likely find them alive at the market. Unlike Dave Lin's attempts with live imported food animals, market animals recently captured might do well in an aquarium (the ones Dave attempted to raise were shipped in extreme cold and never fully revived) and we would all like to know what you find. We have had a couple of members entertain obtaining market animals from Korea but never heard if they actually tried. If you will be near the coast and can get to the dock market you are likely to have quite a choice. Unfortunately, the ultimate size of anything you find will not be familiar to most of us. I will also venture to suggest that they will look at you a little oddly for entertaining the idea of keeping food for a pet but then I get those looks here as well.

That being said, I know there is a trade in ocean ornamental livestock in Vietnam as one of my not so local fish stores is owned by a family originally from vietnam so I suspect you will find aquarium materials. Please let us know what you find!

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