Blue Ring
hey everyone, im about to get my first marine tank, and after cycling it my first octopus. ive wanted one since i was a kid and have finally found someone who can supply me with one. im planning on getting a 100 gallon tank and using my current 50 gallon centipede tank as a sump.

i live in australia and its frustratingly difficult to find people from here with any specific advice for australian species, other than a blue ring, which i definitely dont want. i bounced around from site to site reading caresheets before i found these forums, definitely an indispensable resource for someone without alot of knowlege.

it seems like a very friendly community and i hope i can get more involved as time goes on and i gain experience.


Hello ! Nice to meet someone who is obviously going about maintaining a pet octopus in the correct fashion, be sure and post some photos of your tank as it comes along.

Be sure to pick up Nancy and Colin's book has all the specifics in black and white, and they will be chiming in here shorty too, I would imagine.



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Hi and welcome to the site!

Greg (cthulhu77), the specifics are very much in color in our book :smile:

Decay, I'm going to reply to your other post with more info.


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