How to feed small octopus?

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by abdopus147, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I recently got a small octopus and put it into my 55 gallon hexagon tank. I saw an immediate problem, it was 2 inches long! I try to feed it with a stick, but it is a nocturnal hunter, coming out late and is so small, it is rarely spotted. My question is, how do I feed something I can't find, in such a large tank, what should I feed it? It will eat frozen krill, but that is always to big and I can't put a small enough piece on the stick. I think it is a common Vulgaris, I would send you pictures..........but I can't find it!
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    Until you can locate the animal, feeding live is your best bet to be sure it has food to survive. I would recommend adding hermit crabs to the tank if the octopus is that small and you can't locate it. It will find the hermits on its own and they won't harm it. If you can find other small crabs and disable the claws (fiddlers are almost universally accepted), you can place them in the tank live as well. Small shore shrimp are also a good idea. Young octopuses can usually catch them but the small shrimp become more difficult to catch as the animal grows (or so it seems, it may be that they are easier to feed by hand later and are less interested in working for there food when it is offered without effort).

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