How to fashion a wetsuit from a seal hide, and other things 'Man vs. Wild ... - Enter


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How to fashion a wetsuit from a seal hide, and other things - Man vs. Wild ...
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[SIZE=-1]... a local method using torches to catch octopus at night. Will most of us ever need to catch octopus at night? No. But the torches make it sound pretty![/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Bear Grylls Is Back to Test His Survival Skills Against All That Mother Nature ...[SIZE=-1]The Futon Critic[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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This boils down to what's quoted above. So do we know how to catch octopuses with torches? Are they attracted to that light during low tide?


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I hate this guy. He is all about ooo look at all the strange stuff I will eat to "survive". Its a bunch of carp if you ask me. Now Man Woman Wild is actually interesting... Though it was painful to see them eating a maxima clam and I found out that 10 maxima clams have the same nutritional value as 1 bannana. They also tried eating a sea cucumber... apparently it was very nasty.


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In Octopus and Squid The Soft Intelligence Cousteau talks about octopuses being interested in their torches and getting burned but I wonder if they are really talking about squid in the brief.

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