How to buy an octopus

Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by maximusoctopus, Aug 25, 2003.

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    i am 5 yrs old and VERY interested in octopus and squid. how and where could i buy an octopus and or a squid? what about cost? in a word (yes or no) are they difficult to maintain? your help would be most appreciated.

    octo/squid lover
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    seeing as this is your first post, :welcome: to TONMO.COM
    well it is very unlike that your 5 year's old, as I can see a 5 year old doesn't have teenage level grammar and spelling, well unless you're a genius which is unfortunately 1 in a million Also might I ask what you are really trying to say?
    as for maintenace it is pretty obvious that it is a moderately-difficult to most difficult of task's, it is very hard.
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    Hi and welcome to!

    Perhaps you're five, but someone is helping you write this. No matter,
    the answer is the same.

    An octopus is not all that expensive, but the aquarium and other equipment necessary to set up the proper environment does cost something, is complicated and there is a fair amount of work involved. However, if you are dedicated, you can manage this. (If you're five, you're going to need a lot of help).

    Have a look at the Site Contents List, and go to Ceph Care. There you will find an checklist to be read before you purchase an octopus that will give you an idea of some of the considerations.

    Young octopuses (often tank raised) are available by mail order. Many here have ordered from Fish Supply, and there is another dealer listed under the Buy and Sell forum. But it would take you several months of setting up and cycling your tank before you could keep an octopus.

    Hope this helps,

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    Well, where do you live? The animal that is available depends on where you stay.Keeping them is more to the difficult side

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