How much will it eat a day


Colossal Squid
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Gimpy was eating a 2" crab a day. Now my others used to eat a large 3-4" crab every other day. Gimpy is now off her feed as she apparently is making a den and I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't fertile eggs as she was wild caught.


O. vulgaris
Thank you!

When I store these crabs in a feeding fish holding tank. Is there anything I should know about?

I know from breeding clownfish, that what the food eats also affects what your feeding it to. Is there any type of enviroment I should set up for fiddler crabs to keep them healthy and plump, what should I feed the food lol. And waht size of tank do I need, can I pretty much stack these guys ontop of eachother without them killing eachother?

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