How much longer!


Larval Mass
Have had my baby octo for a week and he is in hiding. Just wondering how long they need before they feel comfortable and come out regularly. Got him from octopets and all I see is a tenticle come out from under his rock to bring shells closer to him.

Thanx Dero


Staff member
Well, it seems to depend on the individual octo. Your little bimac is just a baby and is in the "Baby Hiding Stage". At least you know where he is and are able to put the clams where he can reach them!

When he feels more confident, he'll come out a bit more and may also change dens. The small bimacs have incredible camouflage ability and you'll have to practice looking at your rocks to find your little bimac.

What's his name? I'd like to add him to our list of octopuses.


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