how much light do octo's need?


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Hey Know-it-all :) , how's your tank coming? it's been a while!


O. vulgaris
it's going great,
just 7 stiches and tenatus shot (from working on the sump) :bugout:
So, I finished the sump, and it's been runing since.
the under cabinet light burned out after 3 weeks, so I went with
flourecent bulbs.

the tank has cycled with 1 molly and 4 YT damsels.
now I'm just waiting on the LFS to get an octo in.
It was ordered last week, but never showed up.
perhaps next week.


Colossal Squid
good to hear you are okay!

i got stiches and a tetanus from a glass cut last year too!

Did you see the link on the site? they ship bimacs...



O. vulgaris
Hey Colin, and anyone else that's been keeping up with the updates.

The BI-mac was ordered last monday, but the boss-man (owner) said to cancel and order 30-40 captive breed clowns from ORA.
finding nemo is coming out (need I say more?)

so i'll need to wait until next week and hope it'll be on the wish list.

I think I've got the octo paid for by now, I just took in 2 toadstool corals
as a gift.

(Anybody need 1, I've got another that'll be ready for trade in 2-3 weeks)


Oh my...hehe...that's amusing. Here's this movie about a clownfish dad trying to rescue his son, captured for the aquarium trade, and people will now rush out to buy clownfish! :lol: hehe. I know, they're captive bred, and of course clownfish aren't sentient and sentimental like what's in the movie...just thought it a bit ironic...



O. vulgaris
I must admit defeat.
While I was cleaning some tanks at the LFS last night, a small scorpion fish caught my eye and...

now he resides in what was to be my octo tank.

anyone think they will go together?


I understand the frustration...I have had tanks set up before, for months...and you just keep waiting, and waiting and waiting....oh well...cephs are worth the wait! Guess it's time for another tank! :)


Colossal Squid

nah, i dont think they will live together, too bad isnt it? It would be a cool combination but I dont fancy the chances.

Patience is key, even if it does drive you up the wall! LOL


I have a Scorpion in my 37gal eclipse community tank, well, let me revise that- it was sold as a scorpion, but its actually a white-faced wasp fish and I LOVE the little guy! he has so much personality, he begs for food, perches like a goby, and doesn't mess with anyone. When he gets excited, his crest of spines goes up like a Cockatoo.
Currently he's in with a niger trigger and a small domino damsel. In the past has lived happily with a small dragon wrasse, a flame angel a volitan lion and a humu trigger.
I'll post a pic of him when I get home.
IF you can find one I really reccomend these guys, but BE CAREFUL: the small amount of info I could find said they pack a pretty good punch if ya get poked!



O. vulgaris
great pic.

I definetly(sp) have a scorpion.
I've been eyeing him up for about 3 weeks, the selling point was when I feed the tank and he/she ate pellets.

I feel it was the right decision, I don't think I can afford to feed an octo right now,
new house
growing kids

I'm trying to get my sister-in-law to pet him, just to see what happens :twisted: :wink:

if he does fine with the damsels I have in the tank, then into the reef it goes.. then the octo can come home.


O. vulgaris
hey venom, I narrowed it down to a scorpaena notata.

I went into the LFS today, and was told I wouldn't be able to order the octo for about another month if I was lucky, (something about the master plan to take over the world or something)
So I'm happy about the decision.
hope you guy's wont kick me off the board now :wink:


scorpaena notata, Beautiful lil guys!
This is the small bit I know about them...

also called the "Small Red Scorpionfish" or the "Small Rockfish" really original on the common names huh?

They get up around 10"-11" and are supposed to be quite tasty ;)
They are considered a good food source in thier native locales.

The venom is not supposed to be terribly strong, very painful, but few systemic effects from what I've read. It's also breaks down rapidly in heat- ie. if you get stung, immerse it in as hot of water as you can stand and it should help neutralize the venom quicker.

Congrats on the new guy!
I know how hard it is to look at an ready and empty tank waiting on an Octo. Mine sat empty for like 4 months waiting to get "octopied". If I didn't have 8 or 10 other tanks, I doubt I could have waited!



O. vulgaris
So I got a call on Monday from the LFS,
"Come on down, we got your octo in"
They forgot I went with something else

Well I'm on the schedule for that night so, in I go.

The Bi-mac is roughly 12" across the tenticles, some of the tenticles are missing, and it looks very miss colored.
(exactly what I didn't want)

so, again I'm happy with going with the scorpion,
I added a banded eel as well
and I'm lining up some sort of lionfish as well.

Side note:
it's funny watching the cat watch a fish that could easily kill it

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