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Hi all! Im new to this hobby and this forum. Please bear wif my ignorance... I have gotten myself a sephia bandensis (i think? I will post a pic of him when i get home) a week ago. Its around 4 inches, i guess its a young adult cos i seen another one at the lfs about 8inches. So far i have been feeding him freshwater ghost shrimp which he devour greedily everytime. And i feed him 5 of those every night. I find its quite a challenge to keep the ghost shrimp alive.. So i decided to wean him to frozen. I got some whitebaits which he reluctantly ate one out of 5 that i put in... Next, i purchased some shrimps from the grocery store last night to try it out, and it striked it even bfore my hands outa the water! It ate it for 15mins and whats left is just the feelers... Ok, now the shrimps i bought are around 3 inches long, will it be ok for him that big? Thats the smallest size shrimp i can pick out from the store... And if thats the main food source im gonna be giving him( im still searching for silversides... Apparently its not available here in singapore) how often should i feed him?? One shrimp every other night?? Pls advice... Thanks fellas!!


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How big is your tank? I hope it is really big. If the cuttlefish likes the shrimp, then you should keep feeding it the shrimp. You can try crabs also. I need to check, but I think you might have Sepia latimanus - and they grow big - about 50 cm mantle length (not including the arms).

Is it yellow around the eyes?

Check out this blog entry on these guys...

Cute little guy!


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You may have heard it called by its common name, the broad club cuttlefish (CG yea! I thought that was the species from the pic ... getting better with my cuttle ID :wink:)

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