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How much food should i feed my octopus and cuttles


Larval Mass
Jul 29, 2009
Hi everyone

I am trying to figure out how much food i should be giving my octopus and cuttlefish. I have been told that cephalopods in general need to eat a lot because of their high metabolism but Im having trouble finding a guide as to how much is just right. Ive heard that half the mantle size a day is good for an octopus...not sure with cuttlefish. How much does everyone else feed their cephs per day? And any ideas where i can find some info on this?


Mar 20, 2009
My adult dwarf cuttle (sepia bandensis) will eat 1 medium sized silver side per day or two small silversides. Sometimes, she'll eat more if I offer it, but she never has much gusto when doing so. So I think half mantle length is a good rule of thumb.

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