how long can octos be out of the water?


they actualy can be out for quit some time but they can dry up quickly there has been reports of octopus climming out of tanks and stealing fish from another tank then going back to the old tank amaizing


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Octopuses can be out of the water for a little while. Some of them do try to crawl out of their tanks and go somewhere - we have reports of this buried back in previous threads.

Some species actually leave the water traveling from tidepool to tidepool searching for prey.

But, that said, we need to do everything possible to prevent escape from the tank. We've had reports of octopuses dying on the floor before their owners discovered the escape.



Its not an urban legend, it's been documented before. Plus my friend has a picture of his dead octo in his goldfish tank. And no, he didn't put it there!! ( that's what he told me anyway...)

Well, the length of time it could stay completely out would depend on the environment. It basically has to ensure that it doesn't dry out and can get oxygen. One documentry mentioned "up to 10 minutes" so i'll go by that.

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