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How interactive is your Octo


Blue Ring
Jun 16, 2009
Hi All

I am sure this thread has been done before, but I am new to the forums.

I would like to hear from other members on their experience with their pets.

I have had my Octo for over a month and he has become incredibly friendly. He spends most of the day attached to the glass watching me if I am home.

I can now "pet" him at will and he is almost allowing me to pick him up completely. He has also started crawling over my hand.

For the first few weeks he was more shy. Then he allowed me to feed him with a stick (he seems to love fish more then shellfish). Now he will take food from my hand.

Would love to hear other peoples experiences with their octos.

Also, would like to hear about any "tricks" or learning you have observed.

Nancy, can this be made a sticky as I think it would be an interesting topic to track on an ongoing basis.

I will post a few videos in the next message.


Larval Mass
Jun 23, 2009
Hi there, I'm new here but have had two octos...the first was a bimac and she was very very interactive....no matter what time of day if I turned on her light out she'd come...If I took the lid off her tank I was always greeted by 3 or 4 arms wrapping around my fingers or the lamps next to her tank, or the net or whatever she could reach. An interesting story; I used to stop at the LFS on the way home every day to stock up on food for her, mostly fiddler crabs and ghost shrimp.....I didnt really believe in feeding her with tongs so I'd usually just stock her tank with food items as needed. I'd actually store her food in her tank by putting the hermit crabs etc. into a small creature carrier and then dole them out as needed. Well Cornelius eventually figured out that she didnt have to go through all the trouble of hunting down her food if she simply waited for me to be absent from the room and then just helped herslef to whatever she wanted out of the creature carrier......here's the interesting part...she'd close it behind her after she'd finsished eating so it took me like two weeks to figure out what was going on. I'd go to restock her tank with crabs and what not and be furious to see that the fish sotre employee had shorted me by selling me empty shells.....not realizing of course that while I was at school Cornelius had simply helped herself to whatever she'd wanted and re-latched the carrier when she left.


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Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: it sounds like Cornelius was quite a character!


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
A lot of ceph keepers have reported on interaction with their octopuses or cuttles, but it's usually within an ongoing journal for that particular ceph. The extent of interaction depends on both the ceph and the ceph keeper, but there are certainly methods to be learned that make interaction easier. Glad it's working out so well with you.

I'll be reviewing stickies and will see how best to handle this topic. In the meanwhile, keep posting about your interaction!


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