How do I get my cuttles to breed


Larval Mass
Hi, I have kept successive batches of european cuttlefish and am now looking to breed them. At the moment they are at15-16 degrees C and are being fed mostly on live shore crabs, how do I get them into the mood?


Colossal Squid
yes, my officinalis tried to spawn and they went through all the right motions, unfortunetly the male killed the female during mating and that was that. I can only asume that she wasnt ready???

I had him for several months after that and every full moon he would have his stripey zebra patterns on just like in my avatar, in fact that is the actual male


I never knew thats what happened...i thought the mating was successful? or did you buy eggs afterwards collin? - anyway

I know righty kept his in adjacent compartments and then allowed them to move together when he wanted them to mate - he certainly didnt seem to have trouble getting them to do their thing! lol (maybe he was playing Isaac Hayes in the background?) but i guess separating them in sight of each other might be worth a try? - i have used this technique with freshwater fish and axolotls and it worked (but that might have been a coincidence lol (the book i got the idea from was veeeery old...veeeery old)

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