Larval Mass
Hi everybody. I've been lurking here for some time and I love the discussions. Decided I'd join and get in on the action ;) Unfortunately I won't be able to keep cephs for a year or two (transitional times and such) but gives me plenty of chance to research in the meantime :) Ceph specificially I'm trying to find the perfect species fit for me. Leaning more towards cuttles: sepia bandensis. Not sure yet though. Used to have aquariums with reefs and such but no ceph experience.

On a personal aside I'm an solar astronomy student living in Arizona U.S.A.

Cheers, Dave


Larval Mass

cthulhu77;112752 said:
Ah, another Desert Rat ! Welcome to Tonmo !
Not to mention a Cthulhu/Lovecraft enthusiast :D

Thanks everybody for the welcome. Is there anyone on this thread that can tell me cephalapod availability for Ireland? That's where I'm moving (once I finish my degree) and that's where I'll have the chance to own a cuttle or octo.


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:welcome: to TONMO. Cephs in the UK appear to be few and far between, Colin is probably the best person to ask about that...

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