high lighting with cuttles


hello fellow tonmo members ive read some of the best cuttle care articles and some say that its never happend to them but some have reported blindness of cuttles in very high lighting. has anybody had this happen to them and what is considered highlighting 7 watts per gallon (the standerd for most reef aquariums) or more

thank you, Mike :smile:


Colossal Squid
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High lighting is fine. I suspect, as I mentioned in several articles, that the thoughts of blindness in cuttles/bandensis and high light comes from a misunderstanding of animals going through senescence.

Watts per gallon is not really used as a measure anymore because it doesn't take into account the height of the tank or the penetration capability of the light source and more. I, and other breeders, have kept bandensis under several 400 watt MH with no problems.

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