O. vulgaris
I have been in the reef hobby for about 2 years, but I feel like I have been completely consumed by this hobby (so does my wife and our bank account). I went from a 34G Red Sea MAX to a 120G custom system in that time. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I saw a PBS special on cuttlefish a few years ago (maybe several at this point) and have been fascinated ever since. We are members of the Academy of Sciences here, so I recently saw the flamboyant cuttles exhibit -- wow, amazing little creatures. Would love to be able to keep some of those! I hope to someday have some some cuttles, so joining here to stay in the flow of information.



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Did Richard send you our way? If not be sure to look at his blog and make contact on your next visit to the aquarium.


O. vulgaris
I have not met Richard, but I do know Matt Wandell who works with Richard. I have actually seen Richard when I was over there, but will need to make contact in the future. My wife and I are members and go fairly often with the kids. And yes, I am big fan of Richard's blog, thanks.

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