Hi There! I'm Back!


Larval Mass
So, I used to be on here all the time. Then life got in the way and it seems over time I have just completely forgotten everything I have learned about keeping an octopus. I had a book, can't find it. Anyone know of any books to help put a tank together, best octopus to keep as first timers, ect?


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:cuttlehi:In addition to the articles cuttlegirl linked, all the yellow highlighted threads in the octopus care forum will be useful. I especially recommend the Posts with Info for New Octo Keepers entry. It contains a list of links to extended discussions of for Species selection, Food, Tankmates and Aquarium set-up and cycling.


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Welcome back! The posts and articles on octopus care should be very useful. There are a number of good books on octopuses, but the only one about taking care of an octopus at home is the book Colin Dunlop and I wrote, Cephalopods: Octopuses and Cuttlefishes for the Home Aquarium, TFH Publications, 2009.


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