Hi guys


Hi everybody

I'm Dawn.... 24 years old, NC. I recently got very interested in octopus while taking marine tech classes... I have 9 freshwater tanks, but I just set up a saltwater and I foresee a lil octo in there in the future! Nice to meet you!


Hi Dawn, nice to meet you.

I set up a 75 gallon tank with a 20g sump about a month ago and I'm waiting for it to cycle before I order my little fella.

Have you gone through the octo care artcles in the Ceph Care section? I've found them extremely useful in planning my setup.




I'm Squidman, one of the more recent members. I've made a habit out of greeting most new members. Look around; you'll find everything you need and more.

Good luck with that octo


Colossal Squid
:welcome: DC ( have a habit of abreviating!)

You'll find heaps of info and also some general silliness here!

Tell me do you have a Chihauaha??????? ( I just ask cos I'm also Dog mad.... we have an English Cocker Spaniel {7 yo} and an extremely strong willed and daft 6 month old Miniature Pinscher!)



Blue Ring
Hi Dawn and welcome. I'm a very recent member myself and enjoying the heck out of it. You'll find almost everything you need to know and then some. Hope you will aquire an Octo soon and keep us updated...pics are great if possible. I've never owned a dog, only one when I was three...I was told it ran away. I've always owned cats and have 3 now. Solid greys weighing in at 21 pounds, huge bone structures...possible bobcat mix?? Heheh...all are big lanky teddy bear lap warmers. I'd like a German Shep someday but to busy planning on an octo tank myself. The life choices we have to make :)....gotta choose Octo. Glad you're here. The more the merrier. ~Pauline


Colossal Squid
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:welcome: Wow!!! You have fishitis!!! So do I !! Tank count??? Hmmmm....3 saltwater, 4 fresh!! Enjoy this community!!! It's very changable, kind of like an octo!!!



Hey guess WHAT everyone I dont have school today bc we have a gas leak!!! yay! but anyways...i myself am a poodle person, i adopted one last year and her name is gracie she is the love of my life...I want an octopus too, but its expensive for a kid! im saving up and have about half of the money i need so far, hopefully i will be able to go to my LFS today! Welcome keep us updated!

Wow such friendliness! To answer your questionsssssss....

I have gone through quite a few of the ceph care articles, I printed out a bunch and made a notebook... I call it "The Octo-Files" hehehee

And YES I do have a chihuahua, her name is Nachorina Ballerina, she is 3 pounds of pure Annoying, but I love her anyway! I also have a beagle-something-or-other... and two cats...and a chameleon...sigh. I need to invite people over and charge admission to my zoo.
Hope to talk to you all soon!


Colossal Squid
dawnchihuahua said:
And YES I do have a chihuahua, her name is Nachorina Ballerina, she is 3 pounds of pure Annoying,
Hmmmmmmm must be "small dog syndrome" our Min Pin is called Diablo (Formally "Minton Aztec Diablo" if you please :grin: ) for very good reason........but we love him anyway! Seamus (NZ CH Pinehaven High Jinks :notworth: ) the cocker is a pushover whose current favourite toy is an octopus tug toy (wonder who gave him that :lol:) I'll post a pic of Seamus and occi once I download it off the camera!



Colossal Squid
dawnchihuahua said:
Speaking of doggie octo toys-- I was browsing the dog squeaky toys the other day and came across an octo, I didn't get him though, he had TEN arms! What kind of people are designing these toys?!
Ones who have never seen an octi .......or .......are numerically challenged!


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