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Hi from South Florida!


Larval Mass
Jan 4, 2013
Hi! I'm new on here and I just wanted to introduce myself. And tell you my octopus story.
I have always been in love with saltwater, I currently have a 250g reef that I started when I was about 8 years old! But my love for Octopus and their kin began when I worked in a saltwater fish store. One day when we recently got in a shipment of live rock (it comes in wrapped only in damp newspaper, mind you) and my boss was cleaning the glass...and octopus just popped out and attacked the cleaning magnet! My boss nearly had a heart attack! Over time we would play with this mystery octopus and kept him fed (of course). Eventually he became part of the store family so we moved him to the front 180g. Even though it was an open tank he never escaped or showed any signs of wanting to. He lived in the sunken ship figure and we named him Buddy. We fed him live damselfish, crabs, and shrimp as well as frozen krill and silversides. He actually 'decided' to not eat one of the damselfish and it lived in his ship with him as a 'pet'? Buddy kept me entertained in my job, and we would play tug-o-war (he always won). To this day I still have a soft spot for the tentacled ones. :)


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jul 9, 2009
South Florida
:welcome: to TONMO

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