hi from some boring land place


Larval Mass
Um, unlurking to say hello. I figured it was about time. I went to a tonmocon once and loved it but still couldn't draw up the nerve to post on the forums.

I don't own any tanks at the moment. I would love to one day but they are so expensive and I am so broke, hah.

I think cephalopods are some of the most interesting and beautiful animals in the ocean. I do a fair amount of art inspired by cephalopods. Squid are definitely my favorite to draw. I have an art blog at oceantealsea.tumblr.com although there's not too much there yet. I also made a squid tshirt design the other day, and thinking about who might like it I thought of the tonmo forums, and here I am, I guess. Sorry that is such a boring story.

Anyway hi! Everyone is so knowledgeable on cephs it's kind of intimidating.


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Hi oceanblue and welcome to Tonmo.com! Don't be shy about posting - we don't require that you are actually keeping a ceph!

You're a talented artist and could post some of your drawings. How about the squid with cheese?

And don't worry about being so far from the ocean. I'm in Dallas, five hours from the coast, as are many other Tonmo members.

Nice to have you with us!



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Glad you unlurked oceanblue! We have a special forum just for artwork my members so feel free to post images of your cephy artwork here. Hopefully some of the images in our journals and our image gallery will give you inspiration for more cephy art :grin:. Hot topics for art and interestingly ceph art have been in the creation of tattoos so you might investigate what techniques work well for that medium.


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7 years a lurker, I think that's a TONMO record, @oceanblue! :D Glad you have posted!


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