hi everyone....from Michigan here.


Larval Mass
Hi everyone,

I am extremely new to all of this and do not yet own any tanks. I am definately interested in getting started and thought this would be the perfect place to learn, and to eventually find what I am looking for. I know Michigan seems like a weird place but is there anyone else here that is from around here?

Look forward to talk to everyone.



Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Where about in this mitten full of fishermen are you from? I live in Livonia, and have had 2 octos so far (aclimating my 3rd as I reply!!). It's a great hobby! I've lived around the state a bit in the last several years and depending on where you are I might know some good stores near you. Are you a member of MASM (marine aquarium society of MI)? Also, have you checked out http://www.michiganreefers.com? I haven't checked the site out much but was thinking of checking it out for other MI ceph keepers. :welcome:

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