Larval Mass

Really I registered onto Tonmo to learn more about fish, octopodes, and other sea creatures.

Someone else showed me this site for a school project, and going through the forums was an interesting read.

I thought that I should make an account just because I frequently refer to this website for certain material.

I do not have a fish tank, or plan on purchasing one, although I did have a few goldfish when I was little. Sadly, they died due to my careless actions such as feeding them way too much, thinking that they would like more food.

The pictures on the forums here are also very high quality, I must say.

StK-BWS1 out.


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Thanks for the note. Plenty of us here don't have a tank, and like you we appreciate the high quality content offered by those who do keep tanks.

Likewise, there's a core (and ever-growing) community of marine biologists, experts and aspiring students who lend insight that land-lubbers like myself can read and enjoy for as long as time allows.

Thanks for registering with the site!


Colossal Squid
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:welcome: to TONMO!

Certainly, tanks are not mandatory... a lot of us are more here for the discussions than keeping animals, although many of us without octo tanks (like me) are "going to get one eventually."

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