Larval Mass
Just thought I'd introduce myself. You only get to do it once! lol.

Not much to say, other than hi. I'm looking at buying a 135 g Oceanic tank. Used, comes with everything for a live coral setup. Gettin it for $300 bucks. Don't know if I can afford an octupus (or cuttlefish!) right now, but I'm just doing my homework.

And, I don't know anything about US laws. So I'm aheaded to the Articles sections!

See you all around!
(ps, keep posting pics in the pics sections; they're awesome to look at! Vids too;)


Colossal Squid

Just be sure your used set up has NEVER had copper in it (not even meds for fish) as this will still be present and will kill any ceph put in the tank!

PS love your furry friend in your avatar!

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