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Hey there Chicago suburbanites!


Sep 23, 2009
Hello there, my name is Matt, I'm a budding ceph enthusiast in Orland Park, southwest of Chicago. I have plans in the works to construct a tank to house cuttlefish, and I've been reading a lot of the articles here to get an idea of how to go about it.

I work for Aquarium Adventure, we like to think of ourselves as a local fish store even though we are a chain, and it allows me to spend all my free time (wait, what's that?) researching cephalopods because hey, it's work-related! Working there also will eventually afford me the option to order my cuttles in whatever manner the vendor sells them, which is exciting. Between me and a couple of my coworkers, we're excited about my foray into ceph-keeping.

My interest in keeping fish and other animals focuses on weird, exotic species; I cleared out my African cichlid 29g tank because I was bored with keeping fish everyone has, and now it houses a leaf fish and a prawn, two pretty weird but awesome animals. I also have a 150g agricultural trough with about 40g of water in it and some heat lamps for my turtles: a map turtle named Jacques, a red eared slider named Vince, and a softshell named Lexi. I have a leopard gecko (his name is Bosley) and I'm boarding Pepper, my friend's red-tailed boa, because apparently his mom would have a heart attack at the prospect of a snake in the house. That same friend and I collaborate on his 120g reef tank, where we just recently witnessed his mandarin dragonets mating. I was really into keeping fish as a younger kid, and after many years of other nerdy interests, I dove back into the hobby head first in mid-07. Since then I've been reading as much as I can and working with the hobby as much as my wallet allows, and it's been really great. The search for a lasting lifelong passion has been a long one but I've definitely found it. Whenever I'm able to afford going back to school, I'll be doing it for a degree in marine biology, so I can move on to do really cool things, possibly with the budding field of cephalopod behavioral study. Who knows, but it's all so cool regardless.

Cheers, folks!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Oct 19, 2003
Greg, is that you? :wink:

:welcome: Matt, I am sure you'll enjoy your stay with us from time to time. Keep us posted on progress!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jul 9, 2009
South Florida
:welcome: There is a ton of useful info here that I am sure will help you out.

edit: sPeLlInG

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