Hey! I'm Gabriel!


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:grin:Hey people, I'm 13 and my name's Gabriel. I'd really love to own an octopus, i'm planning on getting one some time this year. I already have the aquarium, i'm learning how to set it up and cycle it to welcome a Bimac in to my home. :grin:

I've loved octopus for three years now and i've learn a lot about them. I've read a book specifically on keeping cephalopods in captivity. I really really want one, I understand they are at at expert level, BUT i have a feeling if i get one i can take care of it and make it a happy little octopus. :smile:

i'm learning how exactly to set the aquarium up for it, to keep temperatures at a steady rate, feed it, and everything else.
I'm really happy I registered on tonmo and i have a feeling this will be a great experience! :mrgreen:


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:welcome: Gabriel. Nice to see you're learning all you can before you get the octopus.....keep it up! It's always easier to learn all you can get the set up right and then get an octopus (which takes time and patience) than to try to fix mistakes after you get your friend!



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Hi Gabriel,

Welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome: A special welcome to a fellow Montrealer - I lived there for 17 years before moving back to Texas.

In addition to reading and studying about keeping cephs (please read our articles and consider getting our ceph book),
you need to take into account that it might be easier looking in Canada than in the U.S. for your ceph. Look for local fish stores in Toronto and Vancouver that might ship. Bimacs are hard to find now, so you might have to look for another species, which would probably be tropical.

Also, I would personally avoid having an octopus shipped in the winter. Wait until warmer temperatures!

You're right to wait and get some experience with a salt water tank before getting an octopus.

Good luck with this project!



Pygmy Octopus
Thank you for the advice on finding my ceph. I'll look in to another species. Actually, I have your book. It's fascinating and I've used this book for learning the majority of what i know about keeping an octopus in an aquarium at home! Thank you very much for writing it with Colin Dunlop, it's actually a very good book. The bimac appealed to me because it's interactive and lives at room temperature. Would you happen to have any other suggestions for a beginner octopus?

I'm actually really happy I got to speak to you, it's an honour. I really love your book, i've re-read chapters of it and i've read it all at least once. I think it's going to be my guide throughout ceph keeping. I'm hoping to continue this until the end of my life. I would like to become a marine biologist so i feel that ceph keeping is really amazing, and especially considering octopus are my favorite animals, and that i'll have an octopus living in my home. :)

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