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Hello all :) I'm Robbie, a teenage dude from Edinburgh-Scotland. I joined as i'm starting to keep my own collectuion of Octopus, and similar species. However i have little experience of octopus keeping. I've kept alot of marie and tropical fish, and have experience with 'difficult' fish types before :)

I find just by reading, the octopus to be a truely wounderous animal to house, and am looking forward to planning (and eventually owning) my own :)

I have MSn and use that regularly, feel free to add me if you want :) lol, i just noticed im one of the very few non-american members :shock:

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Greetings Robbie!

Aye, there aren't too many non-U.S.ians on this board but its open to everybody and fun for all ages, nations, and worlds (I would swear that Steve O'Shea has to be from Zeta Reticuli or something like that).

I know that Phil (The Ammonite God on "Fossils and History section) is from the UK. I think he's responsible for the U.K.'s crop circle phenomenon, and he may originally be from a world orbiting Spica, or Vega. I'm not sure which.

Have fun, and welcome to TONMO, where the past, present, and future is cephalopods!

Sushi and Sake,



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:welcome: Robbie.......Like Steve O etc I'm from down in Zeta Reticuli too although I was born in Glasgae.


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