Hey Everyone


Larval Mass
Hey Guys,

I've been a long time lurker on Tonmo.

Not sure how i originally found the site but i think i was doing some searching after watching a doco on Cuttlefish and was amazed by everything i saw.

I've loved reading all of your experiences with Cuttlefish - the good, the bad and the sad.

ah I'm so jealous of you guys! I'm in Australia and there is zero chance of finding Cuttlefish in a shop. There are only two species that I know of that could be kept that don't grow huge - Mourning Cuttlefish(Sepia plangon) and Reaper Cuttlefish (Sepia mestus) both grow to about 15cm.

The problem is actually finding them!! I purchased a tank and all the gear and had a reef setup going on until i found one - which never happened :(. After giving up on the search for a while I'm ready to start again!! Hopefully i have better luck this time around.

Big thanks to all of you for all the work you put into your posts - it's the next best thing to actually owning one!


Larval Mass
snowmaker;155581 said:
Would be nice if you could find a diver who could find and collect eggs for you.
My brother does diving so I'm hoping we can get some this way. I think it's going to be tough to get some but well worth it if we do

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