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I found the perfect Tank for the set-up I'm planning but need some Help. The tank is sold at Petsmart so it's a Topfin/Perfecto whoever they are now... Anyways, it's a 56 Gallon Coulum and it's something like 18" x 30" x ?h. The problem is they only sell this tank with a Nice Burlwood stand and the combo costs $300, and the stand is basoically worthless for holding a sump and what not, but I just can't find this size tank anywhere else.

So do you guys have any ideas? I've even thought about just making a Plywood tank this size, but I'm not sure it's really that economical..


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Animal Mother;121382 said:
Better yet, go here: visit the forums, introduce yourself.
Darn! The last meeting was up my way and I have been meaning to check them out. Unfortunately, the date posted was June and not July :sad: but thanks for the link and I will make myself a note to check it.

In spite of some of the negative sides to eBay, I am an avid (rabid?) participant. You can set up a search that includes a distance from your home town. This is how we found Octane's new tank (still not completed but getting closer)


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You might also be able to buy a used tank at your LFS. My mom got a 75 gal that they had used for a day on display at the mall. Pretty decent. Now that tank is a not doing so great because it has been so long (5 years).

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