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help! need quick responses

Jon Crossan

O. bimaculoides
Feb 21, 2008
Ok so I have to leave town soon but as I was checking charley's tank I noticed the water was looking like it was needing a water change. So I decided I'd just do everything before I left cleaning wise and I took apart my Eheim filter to clean it and broke the little white stick that goes into the propeller. I really dont have time to wait another hour for the fish store to open and I was wondering if i could just super glue the stick back together and place it in the filter. Would the super glue dissolve and get into the water? or would it stay put until I got back to replace the part with a new one?

please help


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
Yeah, there is no way to reattach those broken pieces. This one of those "hindsight is always 20/20" moments, and why I have spare impellers, motors, etc underneath the aquariums...just in case.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
For future reference, super glue (Cyanoacrylate) is probably the safest type of glue you can use - not the best for gluing and would not have helped here, but the safest. I prefer to call it Stupid glue since I always feel stupid everytime I try to use it and am more successful at gluing my fingers together than the object intended. For anything in a saltwater aquarium, the gluing is only temporary.

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