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Larval Mass
ok im just starting out with my 1st salt water tank, im going to try and get a caribbean reef octopus, i have read many articles and a book that i purchased none of which have helped me with finding a lid for the aquarium, i was curious if anyone knew of an online store or something i could purchase it from? or even specs to biuld one from scratch, and if any of u could send some tips my way that would be most awsome. i have studied much on this and the only dissconcerning thing i have so far is the lid, i am takin my time and makin sure i do this right cause there is a life on the line i understand the time and work ahead and am looking forward to this challenge but as i asked earlier all knowledge and pointers u have on the subject matter would be greatly appreciated thank you


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Others may have better resources but look about halfway down this page for a recent example of a DIY secure lid.

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